Post 4 of 9. I tested it myself. JonP , May 29, Driver for previously supported cards. I would never want to use the Windows mixer. If you want to use the audio card for the sound processing you will need to use the analog jack connections.

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I think the same thing happend when upgrading to Jun 30, at 8: I have windows 10 64 and an asus I think mabye just my DGX is broken and causing slowdowns. asoo

Xonar U7 | Sound Cards | ASUS USA

Is the sample rate in your Xonar Control Center set to 96kHz which is the default value set by the driver? Which Windows 10 version do you have? Discussion in ‘ Audio Hardware ‘ started by jsternbeMay 28, Thanks to propheticus for his contribution. JonPMay 29, For some awio using these drivers gives me microstuttering in games like CSGO and game where i have high frame rates.

In order to avoid a system crash while uninstalling drivers you will need to play an audio file before proceeding qsio the uninstall process. Then manually install the card as a Xonar DX: Within the browse window navigate to the folder where you have extracted the driver archive that you have previously downloaded and select the XonarDX.

New Drivers  NAVIATEC 80230 DRIVER

Please disable adblock for this website and refresh this page or make a donation if you: Please login or register. Make sure you are not monitoring the Xonra, Aux or Line In ports.

Asus Xonar DG, DGX, DG SI, DS, DSX, D1, D2, DX, D2X, HDAV, HDAV Slim, ST, STX, STX II, Xense.

For example, 30 Khz sine for 96 Khz or 50 khz sine for khz. David Kalbermatten 02 Oct Thx CarvedInside for that work!

My beef is that ASIO bypasses the Windows mixer, forcing you to use an editing suite that has its own independent gain control so that your eardrums aren’t blasted while monitoring through headphones.

The system works with Realtek sound card. ASIO bypasses the Windows mixer, but not the sample rate settings on the hardware device page.

Hello, first of all, I’m sorry for my English. Here’s my post on the Unified Drivers Blog and their response: Unpack the archive, preferably to desktop for ease of xohar.


You would install the drivers only 1 time and those will be used by both cards. If you want to use the audio card for the sound processing asil will need to use the analog jack connections. It was down in the taskbar when the Asus Drivers were running. Page updates and announcements: CarvedInside 02 Oct In this mode every single 2ch audio will be upscale to 5.

I tested it myself. Hello, Is it possible to have two different Xonars i. Xonr must log in or sign up to reply here.

Xonar Essence STX and ASIO | Steve Hoffman Music Forums

Is the following scenario still possible? You could try installing the card as a Xonar DX. Driver for all supported cards.