I may have overreacted, and overstated my case, about users not listening to every opinion or review. No registered users and 0 guests. What version of windows do you have? You should probably install the 2. Thanks upfront for your help, any kind of suggestion is appreciated.

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I checked Lexicon forums and found that it only works at 5ms on Vista Regardless of the fact that you have a dual core computer with lots of RAM; Cubase is an intensive program, especially if you are running VST instruments. Your suggestions and help are greatly appreciated. It’s supposed to be like a home studio system. If you have been running programs and Cubase is producing poor audio, restart the computer and only open Cubase. But I’m still trying to find out what the real bottleneck in all this is.

The input and output latency times at the last point of the slider, where it reads “More CPU” are: Not completely but it was a lot better now, it only cracked when you hit the really jigh notes, and just a little bit, not a lot, like the previous time.

Anyone got a Lexicon Omega?

Lexicon Omega and asio4all

You must log in or sign up to reply here. I’m not a gamer and for the “pernhub” actually have a real life.


No registered users and 0 guests. But maybe my specific issue really starts with the Oemga and I have to get a more modern interface. XP so far has been the best experience in my book. It should also tell you the latency value just below the slider bar. I was having a typical reaction, when a noob is given non-direct advice.

The basic settings is explained in the very 1st video. But simply trying to get help if it is possible.

Sure, this has been an issue since the beginning of personal computers available on a consumer level mass scale. Thanks again for your help. I can’t offer any help or suggestions but would be very interested to hear what Lexicon’s response is.

No, create an account now. Driver system is totally different on Vista so to get the Vista like performance you need to have Vista installed.

ASIO4ALL with Lexicon Omega & Windows 10 –

Hi Jimmy, Well thanks for responding and trying to help though calling people you don’t even know uneducated is not exactly nice. Saio do use the latest drivers for the Lexicon, the system is tweaked to some extend and the performance for such an old PC is even that bad. I may have overreacted, and overstated my case, about users not listening to every opinion or review.


I was jumping on it because there was finally someone who ran into similar issues – only, shockingly, on a much better modern system. It’s hard to pinpoint I find.

What version of windows do you have? It is still a single slider bar but it goes from Lower Latency to More Stability. I wonder if that’s due to the project you were using, whether cubase was automatically changing that or not, or whether you have another program or windows using the interface as it’s default output – try changing that and seeing if your results are any better.

GigaWattSep 18, I’m running LE4 and testing Elements 6 right now. The same as above, except this time they worked, but they kept on cracking and poping when the slider was at it’s max value, at the value nex to the max, they work “fine”.

Jun 3, Messages: There’s no risk on installing the asio4all None of them worked, there was no sound comming out of the card. Sure, it’s easy to point in the direction of my current weak old processor.