The paramount question you should ask yourself before buying is whether you have time to scan. Here for example, I’ve used my own notepad that’s attached with big clips. To replace the ballpoint refill. Here’s the original scan. The second question is whether you prefer taking notes with actual pen and paper vs a stylus on tablet. You don’t have to sync immediately whenever you write something.

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Black Friday deals for Parblo tablets. Pairing of the Bamboo Slate and your mobile device is done inside Inkspace. Leave this field blank. Next is to press and hold the round button on the Bamboo Slate to get a blue light which will indicate that it’s in the pairing process.

The target users for this sort of device would be those who take a lot blje notes and want a quick way to turn them into digital notes. The Zebra blke has a silver coloured metallic body.

Artist Review: Wacom Bamboo Slate for Drawing or Note Taking | Parka Blogs

It probably cannot fit the iPad Pro because that’s larger than A4 size. Hi, Thanks for the review.

This allows you to download your files blke your favourite apps. I need to know because we want to use Bamboo Folio or Slate for a scientific experimentation.

Strange thing is, there are two slahe of same content. I followed your steps and within a short time, my Bamboo Slate was functioning as I had hoped it would before my first devastating attempt. For some reason, Amazon shipped my purchase without the typical brown cardboard boxes, opting to paste the delivery information all over b,ue box’s packaging.


For drawing purposes, personally for me, I have time to scan my work, so I don’t see myself using the Bamboo Slate much.

The second question is whether you prefer taking notes with actual pen and paper vs a stylus on tablet. The device is said to support notepads up to 8mm thick approximately 80 pages. With notepads that have slahe cardboard backing, you can just slide in the cardboard into the horizontal orange slot on the Bamboo Slate.

When pressure is light, strokes are thinner. Their website says it must be a “brass” refill, so if we can find a brass based refill of bue same size, one could assume it could work.

Subscribe to our mailing list Email Address. There aren’t a lot of buttons in Inkspace app so it’s easy to find out where to get into the pairing process.

Bamboo Slate: New Colors to Match Your Style

Before I watched your YouTube video, I had repacked my Bamboo slate and was prepared to return the item, because nothing I read online or in the booklets that came with the slate were as explicit and informative as your video!!! Why did you attach the notepad with clips?


Inkspace is the basic version of the app. Pairing process is quite fast and aacom it’s done, the indicator light turns green.

So how you actually use this thing? And here’s what was captured and overlayed onto the the original scan. But when drawing, Waco, need to make sure the lines are where I want them to be perfectly so I use the clips.

It is stable enough for writing. Slste Spark is cheaper so it might be more worth the money, but they are only available in folio style. E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. When I’m using the pen, sometimes the side of my index finger slatee area will accidentally twist the pen’s back causing the ballpoint to retract. It’s slippery so the clip has to be pressed hard. One year ago, Wacom came up with the Bamboo Sparka device that can digitally record what you write on a normal notepad with the included Wacom ballpoint pen.

For drawing purposes It’s quite accurate.