No, create an account now. Please let us know how it goes dual screening in different art programs, I am really curious to see how much trouble you run into with the two drivers running. You are located in: I tried many different software options to get the device to work with my system under OS X Advantages and Properties of the Cintiq 18sx Work naturally and the intuitive way – directly on your screen. Eh, post ’em here I say!

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And to that end, it has been successful with the Cintiq. Using the Cintiq, I didn’t have to rotate the image to change the angle of the stroke.

Wacom Cintiq 18SX and Yosemite

With a traditional tablet, strokes at varying angles don’t come out naturally unless I rotate the image on the screen. Hey Steve, I ordered an old cintiq off EBay too!

I hadr exactly planned on getting this right now, but the price was just too good to pass up, and I’ve been waffling back and forth for months anyways.

Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed. In fact, I was impressed by its quick, roughly millisecond response time.

Wacom Cintiq 18sx 18 Inch Interactive Tablet Display | eBay

I got rid of them all, even the Safari web histories and crash reports. Such awkwardness can be solved by working on a drawing board, which keeps the keyboard within reach. Mine should be here in about 10 days. Do I need to download a separate driver for the 18sx? My screen has a textured surface, like a screen protector with a bit of grit.


I mention how I did that below. Advantages and Properties of the Cintiq 18sx Work naturally and the intuitive way – directly on your screen. Jan 2, 2: The stand was helpful, enabling me not only to move the tablet forward and back, but also to turn it to virtually any angle.

Posted on Sep 28, 6: Directory — Click for more. Congrats on your own purchase. I emptied the 18sz and restarted. That seemed to help, but I’m still experiencing more “delays” and crashes than normal. Cinhiq, post ’em here I say!

Just bought a Cintiq 18sx….

Be the first to receive Wacom deals, tips and news! I finally found the feature called “display toggle” which once assigned to a button on the pen, lets you quickly change what screen you are on.

It would make sense that the pen is the problem, so I’ll wait to use this thing till I have a better pen, and I can somehow setup a more ergonomic wcom to fit this in It doesn’t have any buttons, but I use my AutoHotkey setup, and that makes things utterly fantastic, in my estimation.

New Drivers  HP8150 DN DRIVER

It’s much better than having the tablet on my desk and looking over at the display.

I was working relatively big– x with 20 layers, so a MB file. I got mine yesterday as well, a day late.

The menu above will contain every page in our website. Or with the DTI or 15x cintq’s??

General terms and conditions. But now for the real problem that I’m hoping some of you may have some ideas for a solution I haven’t played enough with it yet to give up, but wanted to let you know – it’s a chore to keep this Cintiq working. I eventually thought that might have been the issue, and so collapsed many layers and shrunk the resolution to perhaps 6 layers and x By clicking the “Subcribe” button, you agree to sign up for the CGW Magazine e-newsletter, as well as to receive third-party promotions from our partners.