Adding gain does not add much noise at all, so you can rest assured that you will get a clean recording. They will be my go-to for audio interfacing solutions in the future, and with each new product things just keep getting better and better. Just like bouncing used to be. Installing this unit was a breeze as well, you can just download the latest driver, install the software, then turn off your computer and plug the interface in. There is a digitally controlled IPGA amplifier at the input. RME designed a proprietary solution for the Firewire interface.

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Last edited by Wolffman; at The DA converter in the FF is very good compared to cheaper interfaces, but it may make your high end sound a little bit brittle or harsh.

The build quality is very good, and the most important fact: The Fireface excells as portable all-in-one solution when it comes to power supply. It results in fragmentation and unpredictable data drops, especially in the course of prolonged important sessions.

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This device also demonstrates advanced functionality for recording. The build is superb and if it was 40 be dropped from a reasonable height it would just shrug the impact off and keep performing as normal. Imprint Terms of Use Privacy Policy.


Subscribe to our Newsletter. Mac OS X And interesting point about the DAC. It’s probably done on the level of drivers. Inputs 3 and 4 are stunningly flexible balanced universal inputs. Solid Drivers and great mixer eme Performance and Stability Now, about the actual sound of the interface.

RME Audio Fireface Digital Recording Interface | eBay

Since its appearance, this advantage of Firewire have misled many people and caused the death of a great many devices. The Fireface is not just the little brother of the Fireface – it is a completely newly designed device. Whether it’s a significant advantage depends on your tasks.

CPU load generated by the interface also plays an important role, it has a direct effect on the minimal signal latency.

RME Audio Fireface 400 Digital Recording Interface

BOB Out of production! Matias Karstens and his team know well about strong and weak points of their products and choose their priorities, I guess. Originally Posted by cyrano It’s 68 dB overall. RME’s mixer uses integer arithmetic with a large overload margin 42 bit and 24 bit at the output limiting and truncating bits above bitwithout dithering at that.

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Send a private message to Mr. I’m just flreface by my old FF, which I thought were the same preamps. Video 3Digests Video cards: It sounds like they’re very different from your description – the has very noticable hiss when the gain is run high. So DIY might just be the right option. Filters at switch-selectable capacitors provide resistance to jitter of the master clock.


It’s not justified to use this device as a stereo interface for audio output. Well, it was a firefacf good unit as long as it worked. To be honest, it would be kind of awful rms an unit like this was actually difficult to use in a day to day work, other than when going deep into the matrix routing land. Overall a solid card for its time. Fireface Out of production! On the back of the unit you have 4 more line inputs and 6 outputs. Especially if we recall the unlimited time for computing when a project is downmixed into a file, bit floating point variables and bit FPU registers of the coprocessor.