Stand up in your golf posture as if you were going to hit a shot — but don’t have a club in your hand. Once you understand how your lower body can power the swing by rotating hard toward the target, you should be able to repeat that motion over and over again. You Will Top It: In addition to feeling frustrated that you have put your ball in a bad spot, you also feel embarrassed about the shot you just hit. After a few seconds, the ball falls to the turf in front of you. I still remember the last ball I ever skyed.

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It can take a lot of practice to learn how to use the lower body properly, but those who do will be rewarded with powerful ball striking all over the course. In addition to feeling frustrated that you have put your ball in a bad spot, you also feel embarrassed about the shot you just hit.

Tightening Up Your Backswing. It is okay to have your leg straighten up slightly as you turn, but it is howw okay to have that knee sliding away from the target. You must be logged in to post a comment. Once you stay behind it you will never sky dtop again. Getting mad won’t make the problem any better, so take a deep breath and think through your swing logically until you deciding what it causing the ball to fly straight up into the air. A competing guideline states that the very bottom of the ball should square off against the sto edge of the driver.


Golf Driving – How To Stop Skying The Driver

When you control the position of your right knee, you will be limiting the amount of shoulder turn you can make away from the ball. Skyinf, This tip has cured my over the top. When you go back to hitting balls, remember the feelings that you had during this drill and your right knee should remain in check.

Correcting Your Tee Height.

Sky Shots – How to Stop Skying Golf Balls In the Air

This will allow you to load onto the back skynig with the majority of your weight. Thanks so much for all your helpful insight. Therefore, the first place to look skyong is the height of the tee itself. Do as many repetitions of this drill as you would like until you are confident that you have improved your lower body motion.

Instead, you want to focus on limiting the amount that your right knee moves back, while making sure it doesn’t move to the right at all. Here is a tip I did on it: You then have to look at the damage for the rest of the time you have the driver. Having the ball too low to the ground on a driver swing is even worse than having it too high, so you need to learn how to strike a perfect balance. Although the position of your right knee might seem like a small detail, it can make a big difference to the length of your swing — and in turn, it can help you stop skying the driver.


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Skynig body naturally responds to different movements within your golf swing to deliver the club to the ball at precisely the right moment. What is worse is if you keep skying your driverthe ball goes straight up in the sky with no distance and you do not have a clue why!

If you have been myy along playing a good round only be to interrupted by this shocking mistake, your confidence may not recover right away.

Think of your right knee in the backswing as starting a chain reaction. You may want to watch this tip just in case: Sky shots occur most often from sop teeing ground, while the ball sits on top of a tee. There are other potential causes for skying your driver, but the three listed above will apply to almost every golfer who has this problem.

No more skying and much more consistent contact with irons. This will cause the golf ball to hit the top of the golf club rather than the middle of the club face in the sweet spot.

This tip has cured my over the top. Not too hard really if you know what you are doing wrong. Using Your Lower Body Correctly. Following are three common causes of skying the driver off the tee —.