Indeed, that’s where my unit has ended up! It features 10 dual mode programmable buttons and anti-ghosting key architecture. The Gamepad was the first product to be released under the Cyber Snipa brand name. They cast a nice blue glow around the edges of the pad when it’s flat on the desk. As far as using it goes, the pad is quite solid with one exception I’ll mention below , and the keys have a good feel to them, with just the right amount of travel. While this piece of hardware is clearly aimed at the hardest of the hardcore FPSers, its resourcefulness and features make it a comfy mouse even for everyday use. From key selection to positioning to elongated size, ergonomics are outstanding.

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Cyber Snipa Gamepad V2

Ok, the webcam isn’t exactly a gaming cybfr, but the mouse and the mouse mats are, at least partly, for gaming. They’re all labelled according to the standard-keyboard key they behave as – the common core of WASD, plus space, shift and all the rest of the shooter-player’s favourites are all there, along with some other helpful functions like a volume control, which last should automatically work in Windows and automatically not work at all ssnipa a number of other popular operating systems.

This pad was clearly designed carefully by and for players. The soft blue underlighting provides a pleasant ambience for play times.

snia After 10 minutes with the first game Riddick snips, it became clear the Cyber Snipa does, as it claims, make this kind of gaming more smooth and easy to control. It allows the wrist rest to be at a different angle to the rest of the pad, like so: Not many of those other pads, however, are actually cheaper than the Gamepad 2. Computing input devices Pointing devices Computer peripheral companies. Gaming Mice Nvidia Geforce The pad includes volume control buttons, and installs in any USB port without the need for drivers.


Retrieved from ” chber My system instantly recognized the gamepad, and there are no drivers to install. And what the heck does “Snipa” mean? New item that you can order before we receive stock. Well-built, no drivers needed; responsive; cool lighting; nice frontal pad.

Other products, most cybre the WolfKing Warrior, have plenty more keys, including the full range of function keys the Snipa only has F1-F4. With that gaming community in mind they have developed a certain amount of products that should be appealing to you, the Guru3D audience. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links.

Whatever keyboard cyver you have for a particular FPS title is picked up by the gamepad. Hey, at my age, I need anipa of that kind of help I can get! A product with fine precision, good looks and to some degree, it’s even customizable thanks to a dominant software application.

It allows the wrist snpa to be at a different angle to the rest of the pad, like so:. The only problem is that the link is held on with a fairly flimsy plastic hinge, which doesn’t fold back degrees. The Game Pad can take you to the highest level of skill and help you to be the best in the game. But is it worth that money then? It remains on all of the time when the pad is plugged in, but it’s fairly unintrusive.


Cyber Snipa Stinger DPI laser gaming mouse – Page 1

Webarchive template wayback links. The palm rest is extremely comfortable and remained on the pad.

The Item is built to order. Without further ado ladies and gentlemen, fyber me introduce to you the guys from CyberSnipa, soon to be known under the label cyber-e-sport. Go D value as well.

Features Designed to improve game control, speed snpa accuracy; Ergonomically designed navigation and function keys; 34 keys allow for individual mapping; Tactile key feedback; Removable nonslip palm rest; Built-in volume control; USB device that operates alongside your keyboard.

Nestling the base of my left hand on this rest, I found all of the keys within easy reach.

Let’s describe it a bit. Hilbert just has to review the product to check if it’ll help him improve his gaming experience. Lastly, I should mention the little bit of bling in the form of three blue LEDs fitted to the pad. Virtual Reality What is Virtual Reality?