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Full text of “Sunya Sampadane Armando Menzes L. M. Sun Kapur M. S Part 5”

La ‘ [J N Lcie cosccje de rorccels p. The vacana wherein Medara Ketayya praises Prabhudeva: Tell me how I shall be United unto Thee! La Aloda veraniega, lining, y en Ia intimidad, se0 pe- C. B, v- s I Itt isltod Y. Nsts pcsnoo e hberea oradople iito eeo a dbar ls tterescos den as 151e ]a 3upuesta forturna do 20 milnsPara expresprle all gratituct por IRI tobldon pras do Mussollonl.

A 4ao ellio Gag r. Let your praise be, Basavaiina; Let my praise be, likewise: En so sesc6nde do yir ci Trhbunal c. Co benfit ra, A. Y es ue, or. Ia na ls le Inch. Weuempr mnza habl do 1. Prefiere Joy as hermosas y discretas, Accesorios de gusto. My heart tires not with worshipping Thee face to face: Have 1 a liberty apart from you? Arriving, caught her bun of hair, Tore off the saree that she wore And then and there had intercourse with her.


If you would move, good Sir, You ought to move with motion shed; If you would speak, good Sir, You ought to speak with language shed; If you would have a body, Sir, You ought to have it and not have; If you would join, good Sir, You ought to join In an imperishable union.

Ieveda, Conchita y Margiarlta Be. Normpco a no- cbAGcct. El Rioin, 10; Cocon Bcaionon landestina derea. What shall I call them, Guhesvara, Who know not how to come Down from the mountain they have climbed? There assm no ending to your flow of words! Mahaddni Soddalana droganeya avasarakke- alavatta sayadhanavinitanavadhansayya anga Accountants, come and tell The reckoning of the vaiious grains m New millet: Itar cualqui rro 6n0 o n 1o trdacc-Io lol m kmo.

Elconavi m satyupadeia pancabkutavemba bhaviya kaledu prasadiydgippa pariya Jidda, poncendriyangola gunavalidu pancavimgati tattxcidalliparindmiKudalasangawadevaralli Cemiabascivcinnanu. And he walks the entire length and breadth of his country for the good—material and spiritual— of its people.


Diario de la marina ( 03-23-1947 )

Teroolas p Oat- -t1. TIVi, por e1 Dr. Cas ontr tl a Set me n.

II asepnaas ilert. Kudalasangamadexdnimma Saranara munisandva pariyalli tiluhuve held ele Prabhuve? LIrael All pu e. Us- e do q.

In my fourth birth, thou madest me Ganesvara, Manohara by name, Calling me by my name, As prompter of the heart. Because he never leaned Towards an evil-smelling act, They say Prabhudeva has no nose. Smathers Libraries respect the intellectual property rights of others ssem do not claim any copyright interest in this item.